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I'm a Private Party, filling a gap in the rental market with unique qualification requirements designed for CREDIT-CHALLENGED and OTHER individuals:

* You specify what you need, then
* I find a home that meets your needs (after we both have seen it)
* You lease it with an option to buy or outright buy it with creative financing  
* Based on your employment/background instead of your current credit .

Benefits :
* Minimum credit check * Minimum if any application fee 
Lease to own:  rent credits towards purchase * build credit * may be able to remodel inside and out 
* Purchase: tax credits- up to $6,500 energy and $8,000 if not owned a home in past 3 years * interest tax deduction * remodel all you want * start with and/or build equity

Requirements :
* Verifiable income * Criminal check * Checking account * Pre-Qualification (for 6-24 months)
* Lease to own:  Option Fee / Deposit * Dedication to own
* Purchase (may be minimal costs): Down payment * Closing Costs 

OK ? ... Complete this short Preferences Questionnaire (NOTE: MISSING INFORMATION WILL CAUSE DELAYS):

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Move in Date Minimum Bedrooms Baths Maximum rent $

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CITY-AREA (CHOOSE AT LEAST ONE - Median Rents shown for reference - so you can MAKE SURE THE RENT FOR A CITY-AREA WILL FIT INTO YOUR BUDGET, Maximum Rent (above); you can select more than one City-Area by holding the CTRL key while clicking):

Number of Adults Children Pets and sizes (if any)

When view properties: Day Eve Weekend

Lease to Own: Maximum Option Fee (may include deposit) $
Purchase: Maximum Down Payment (including deposit if L2O) $
Maximum Price $K

Credit Challenges (if applicable)

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